How do we do it?

Our hosting setup consists of a cluster of hypervisor hosts for redundancy. These servers host the VMs (Virtual Machines) that contain the software we use to host our websites and then all of the storage is handled by a SAN (networked storage server). All of this is tied together with networking gear that runs at 10GB/s!

Fully Redundant

Our servers are fully redundant. As a result, we have minimal downtime!

Speedy Networking

Our network consists of up to date equipment running at 10GB/s!

We’ve Got Data

Our data is stored on a SAN with plenty of room for expansion!

Reliable Internet Connection

We use a very reliable and fast business class internet connection.

About Us

We are a small web hosting company based in Houston, Texas. We strive to provide the best experience to you that we can!

Your website deserves the best.

A small business means more time to help you get that nice, speedy website!